Extensions & ConservatoriesBuilding an extension to a house is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking to maximize the potential from their property space. With fees and stamp duty to consider as well as the upheaval entailed with buying a new house and continually increasing property prices, an extension can be seen as a more economical option.

The type and scale of house extension varies greatly according to the homeowner's requirements, budget and the feasibility of the site.
When it comes to house extensions, Ercon LTD is the company that you search for. With extensive knowledge and years of experience on house extensions in London, we are proud of the quality of the works and professional standards we provide to our customers as a leading company in the sector. We aim 100% customer satisfaction at all projects ranging from bespoke kitchen extensions to full scale home extensions. 

We are here with our experienced and trained teams to guide you on your extension projects. We first figure out what you need and what is in your mind with your project. Afterwards, we draw an outline showing the design and construction layout. When all the consents are achieved about the project, we start up the process. It is really important to keep customers alive in the project to make them feel that they manage their own project. What you need is what we inspire. We offer solutions to create the best possible house extensions with full customer satisfaction, high quality material and labour as well as the safety as our focus.